PNBAA Seattle Airspace Update

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 12:19 AM | Deleted user

Your PNBAA board is continuously monitoring development and implementation of the FAA Greener Skies project for SeaTac and thus far, we have not noticed any negative impact on operations into or out of satellite airports in the area.

An update to the Boeing Field Research Report is being developed in conjunction with your PNBAA board and Boeing Tower to update the current report on the NBAA website.  The report will include items such as Airspace Hot Spots that see heavy concentration of VFR aircraft in close proximity to regularly used inbound arrival routes, the potential for a descending missed approach off of the 13R ILS, and an overview of the complexity of operations due to Boeing Field / SeaTac proximity.

Please stay tuned to future PNBAA newsletters and to our website for further information, and send any questions or comments to

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